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relaXotic treatmentcognitive physiological exercise with elements of mindfulness.

Individual assessment and guiding interview will pinpoint challenges at hand.

• Analysis of articulations as well as muscles of the body:

  • Agility of joints, muscle strength - power - elasticity.

  • Patterns of movements, including basis for - as well as execution of movements

  • Balance and coordination.

• Approach to control of tention in muscles:

  • The cognitive approach of processing movement and muscular activity.

  • Understanding frequent signals of the body.

  • Information regarding the structure of the agile body as well as its functionality.

• Optimization of base as well as execution of movement.
   Standing, walking and sitting.

• Development of strategies as well as personal exercise plan.

Do you wish to live healthier with increased energy and joy of life? I will show you the way. Together we will work out a plan to reach your personal goals and aspirations.