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relaXotic is fundamentally different from the Classical as well as Asian training methods.

relaXotic exercises the entire body with emphasis on coordination and balance.

• Achieve perfect muscle control with relaXotic.

• The exercises are precisely tuned to the anatomy of the human body. During practise attention is focused
   on the muscles in their working or relaxing state.

• You are taught to control and guide the work of your muscles in a positive way by fully
   concentrating your thoughts on the exercise.

• Conditioning, strengthening, flexibility and relaxation are key to the training program.

• Control of muscles enables our clients to engage their body in healthy habits and thus enjoy
   a better quality of life.


 The relaXotic institute in Glücksburg/Meierwik offers individual training as well as group classes and provides the latest state-of-the-art exercises equipment.

Sport – Fitness – Agility – Relaxation are a winning combination. We offer a superb training program for all ages.

After an initial consultation and analyses of your individual needs you will decide when to start with your personal training plan.